Hearts Racing Xtra Ratings take into account times, weights, distance suitability, positions in running, barriers, beaten and winning margins, the class of race and the overall field strength. The entire history of a horse's career is evaluated and an emphasis on recent form patterns, together with consistency and fitness levels provide the basis for the Xtra Rating.

Xtra Ratings are available from the Hearts Racing site at two stages :-

  • As soon as jockey declarations are available after final acceptances. These ratings are an ideal starting point for those who do their own form or rely on comparisons from other services.
  • On raceday Xtra Ratings are reassessed after track conditions, final jockeys and scratchings are known.

How Do I Access Xtra Ratings?

Hearts Racing subscribers have access to Xtra Ratings for Melbourne and Sydney races on Saturdays and also for any meeting where a Hearts Racing horse is running.

Find Out More About This Service

We recommend that you see how the ratings work on paper for a few days with your betting style before placing any wagers.

How To Use This Service

The ratings are designed to be applied to any race in Australia. However some races such as Maidens, Class 1 races and 2yo events lack the necessary form exposure to be really reliable. Races that have unraced horses competing, continually prove to be unreliable. One reason for this, is that they are generally lower class races and the top rated horses still rate poorly. A good rule of thumb is to favour races where the top rated horses rate at 47kgs or above. Top chances that rate 50kgs or above and have a 3 kg. advantage on the field have a good winning record.

Ratings are worked out for each of the horse's last 10 runs with greater emphasis placed on the last 3 runs. These ratings are displayed for each horse and are a good indication of whether it is improving or not.Older horses take longer to reach peak form and fitness. Natural distance increases will suit some horses and their ratings will improve as distance increases. Normally a stayer will take 4 to 5 runs from a spell to reach peak fitness whilst a sprinter can hit peak form much earlier in a preparation.

Betting strategies can vary according to individual preferences. The best strategy is to avoid horses which are priced in the market at or below their rated odds. Horses rated up to $5.00 represent the best value, particularly when they are paying double figure odds. All horses that have raced receive a rating and regardless of the rated price, the ratings themselves give an order that can be used for Quinellas and Trifectas etc.

Race 4 02:05 - Rsl Ramlegh Springs (Bm90) Benchmark 90 1400m
# Horse API Days ST3 ST2 ST1 PKDR Base Len Price Rank
1 Kitten On The Run 9.8 98 58.7 58.0 57.4 59.4 59.3 5.7 29.6  
2 Another Prelate 1 5.7 84 48.3 42.4 54.2 61.3 59.6 4.1 14.3 4
3 Rugged Cross -.- -- --.- --.- --.- --.- --.- -.- SCR  
4 Luckyi'mbarefoot 5.4 20 53.6 49.4 53.4 58.4 53.0 7.1 48.7  
5 Alpha Proxima 8.6 14 50.3 54.4 48.6 56.6 53.7 8.2 77.4  
6 Shadowfax 6.7 22 34.9 44.7 59.6 59.6 56.6 6.1 39.2  
7 Red Corner 5.3 20 49.7 50.0 56.6 60.7 55.7 2.4 7.2 3
8 Simmering 9.1 227 62.6 50.0 44.6 58.4 58.8 5.6 24.8  
9 Are There Any 11.9 148 59.2 55.9 57.2 61.6 61.4 4.7 17.2 6
10 Al Aneed 11.0 13 48.4 45.4 42.8 64.3 46.4 7.0 48.7  
11 Infinite Energy 9.3 22 59.7 46.7 62.5 62.5 61.3 0.0 3.2 1
12 Charmed Harmony 6.1 49 61.2 60.0 50.7 61.8 61.7 1.9 5.7 2
13 Praesentia 4.6 20 59.6 43.3 50.3 60.2 48.9 6.7 39.2  
14 Averau 5.2 204 53.7 60.4 57.1 61.3 61.2 4.5 16.2 5

The column headings in the Xtra Ratings report are :-

API average prizemoney index
DAYS days back to last start
ST3 rating for 3rd last start
ST2 rating for 2nd last start
ST1 rating for last start
PKDR peak distance rating which is the highest rating of past starts over similar distance Xtra age improvement
BASE for most horses a weighted average of the last 3 ratings
LEN predicted margins in lengths
Price Odds required for this to be a value bet
Rank Predicted finishing order (first 6)

For Better Results

You may wish to consider using Xtra Ratings in conjunction with Hearts Racing Consistency Ratings. Individually each set of ratings is quite effective but they are even more powerful when their selections co-incide.

If You Want Ratings Every Day


Access is by subscription at the Virtual Form Guide web site. Subscriptions range from $17.60 for 1 day to $69.30 for 1 month or $665.50 for 12 months. Subscribers have access to Xtra Ratings for every race every day for Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong.

To subscribe you have to be a registered Virtual Form Guide user. Then go here to pay for your subscription.



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