About Naming Your Horse

Horse Naming Process

If you purchase a subscription which includes a share in an unnamed Hearts Racing horse you will have the opportunity to participate in the naming of that horse.

Hearts Racing goes through a two step process:

  1. Subscribers are invited to submit their name ideas.
  2. All subscribers are asked to vote on the suggested names.

In considering a name for your horse there are several considerations:

  • A clever reference to the sire and dam's names is always highly regarded. For instance our own Inauguration is by Authorized from Auspicious Day.
  • Names with seven letters are considered lucky.
  • Names have to be available. See below for the many restrictions.

Having voted on the names submitted what we at Hearts Racing will then do is to check with RISA that the name is actually available. Generally we will then submit the horse registration application with just the one name on it. There is space for up to 10 name suggestions but submitting more than one is a sure way to get other then your top choice.

Your horse will then be registered together with the details of all the syndicate members involved in the ownership.

Things To Consider When Naming a Racehorse

The naming process for a racehorse is quite complicated as there are a number of issues for the racing authorities to consider. The full Naming Policy document can be found on the RISA web site.

Points to consider are:

  • Names are restricted to 18 letters with restrictions on special characters and spelling.
  • Names cannot be re-used until at least 17 years after last being in use. Many of the good names are already taken so this rule restricts the names available.
  • Horse names in some other countries cannot be used in Australia.
  • Names which are spelled differently but sound the same as that of another horse may not be allowed.
  • Vulgar or rude names are banned.
  • Names cannot be a number eg seventy eight.
  • Names of people alive or dead are not acceptable.
  • Correct grammar should be used.
  • Company and product brand names will probably not be accepted.
  • Names with racecourse references such as mounting yard are banned.

Fortunately there are online resources where you can look up any name to see if it is available.