Hearts Racing Terms & Conditions

Hearts Racing is a division of Virtual Form Guide Pty Ltd ABN 96 167 332 416.

The Hearts Racing service operates under the following terms and conditions effective from 01/10/2016.

Hearts Racing Fan Subscriptions

  • Hearts Racing and its associates owns or leases a number of horses or shares in horses. As such it is entitled to share information and participate in activities related to these horses which can be accessed by Hearts Racing subscribers.
  • Subscribers to the Hearts Racing Fan service for a specfic horse may subscribe for a period of 6 months.
  • A Hearts Racing Fan Subscription offers the following benefits to current paid up subscribers
    • Stable reports on the associated Hearts Racing horse
    • Entitlement to Hearts Racing Reward points on the basis of 100 points per $1,000 of prizemoney won by the horse during their subscription period
    • Hearts Racing Reward points can be redeemed and applied towards the purchase of other Hearts Racing Fan subscriptions where 100 points = $1.00
    • Form service provided by Virtual FormGuide
    • The opportunity to purchase memorabilia such as race photos
    • Participation in stable visits, trackwork attendance, raceday activities and social occasions
    • Priority access to exclusive syndication offers for Hearts Racing horses
    • Horses trained by high profile trainers
  • Hearts Racing Fan Subscribers interest in the horse is thus limited to their enjoyment of following the horses' racing career, plus social activities arranged for Subscribers by Hearts Racing.
  • Hearts Racing pays all purchase costs for the horses plus all training and administrative expenses for their share of ownership. Subscribers are not required to pay anything other than their subscription.
  • Subscribers will be provided, via a secure web page and/or email, with regular reports relating to the horses while they are in work.
  • Subscribers will be provided with their Subscription status at any time via a secure web page.
  • Periodically, Hearts Racing will review each horse in the team and decide if the horse is to continue racing. Such decisions will be absolutely at the discretion of Hearts Racing.
  • Hearts Racing offers no guarantee that a horse will ever race. Injury, immaturity or lack of ability may prevent a horse from racing or continuing to race. In this event, Hearts Racing may, at its absolute discretion, substitute another horse for the original.
  • In offering the Hearts Racing service, Hearts Racing specifically states that it is providing its subscribers with an economical way of participating in the enjoyment of racing a horse, without the risks and costs associated with ownership.
  • If at any time, a Subscriber's Hearts Racing Fan Subscription expires, his/her entitlement to benefits ends at that point. He/she will then not have access to horse reports or be able to participate in Hearts Racing activities. Hearts Racing Reward points accrued to that point can be applied towards the purchase of other Hearts Racing Fan subscriptions.